Get the leads you need with Facebook!

For my follow up blog I have chosen to read over Ginny Soskey’s article on 6 Types of Facebook Posts That’ll Help You Generate Leads.

First lets define a lead. Ginny Defines it as “a lead is a person who has in some way, shape, or form indicated interest in your company’s product or service by giving you their information”. So successfully being able to pull in those leads will help increase business and sales opportunities.

Ginny explains that there are two types of leads

Direct –  directing customers to a landing site straight from Facebook
Indirect – Following a link from Facebook to say a blog that then leads to your                       website

The six points that Ginny has offered are mostly about taking people to a landing site to collect information as this enables to you to hold it for marketing and business development, and this is done by engaging with the customer usually by offering something up as compensation for their time, such as coupons, discounts and competitions which is something Amanda Webb over at Jon Loomer goes over in her article 6 Ways to Capture Leads from Facebook Pages.

While Amanda also stresses the importance of gathering leads, she offers up some different options to those given by Ginny. Something Amanda points out that could be very useful in my opinion is the Facebook Offers function. With the boom in 1-Day type sites Facebook Offers can be utilised to draw in new and existing customers & you only need something as simple as Google Docs to gather the information.

Shanna Mallon from socialmouths has written a simple but straight to the put article titled Using Social Media for Lead Generation. What it is clear to see from her is that sharing and engaging. Once you have done the basics she has listed she goes on to point out that you must engage and sharing by offering up things such as interesting articles, writing a blog and the most important thing of all engage and respond to your audience.

To be successful at generating leads the overall point is to engage, which really is the point of social media in the first place. Social Media is a two way communication platform and if you are only talking one way to your audience they will soon stop listening. Ask the questions, offer something of interest and listen.


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