Engaging Staff in your Social Media

So you have a Facebook or Twitter account but your staff aren’t really interested? Having staff contribute and have an interest in your Social Media activities is an important part of making it a success.

Stephanie Shkolnik from Social Media Examiner has written a great article entitled How to Get Employees to Embrace Social Media where she has complied a list of 6 important steps to get your staff on the Social Media buzz.

Having you staff engaged I believe is an important step in knowing where you are and where you staff feel you should be when engaging with customers. Here is a run down of what Shkolnik has written

  1. Define End Goal
    This is an important step but ultimately I feel should have been done before you set up your online presence. Knowing what your intended outcome is will help define your content.
  2. Set up you task force
    Establish your roles and their definitions. Depending on the size of your company there could be one person or a larger team. Some of the roles Shkolnik suggest are:

    1. Lead strategist: Responsible for long-term strategic vision and ensuring day-to-day initiatives are mapped back to specific goals.
    2. Content manager: Leads all content strategy and development across social. This role often extends into website and other digital properties.
    3. Community manager: Publishes content across all social media channels; spurs conversations with existing and prospective customers, influencers and media.
    4. Analyst: Measures the success of social media by benchmarking key performance indicators (KPI) against business and brand goals.
    5. Social media coordinator: Facilitates communication by planning monthly meetings and staff emails. This individual may also be a resource from the core team (versus creating a new role).These roles all work as a team to develop and plan out the content for your Social Media campaigns.
  3. Develop you strategy
    You will now need guidelines and a plan on how to best execute you Social Media for the team and also all employees. This will be used to ensure your on tack at all times. Check out Michael Stelzner’s podcast on the best way to do this.
  4. Consistency
    The best thing for our campaign is to keep on track and ensure things are in line with your strategy. Shkolnik advises the best thing to do is hold team meetings and assign time to each person to report on progress. This is an opportunity also to build and develop new content and ideas to go into future campaigns.
  5. Measure and Track Performance
    Making sure you are having an impact with your audience is just as important as having a goal in place. There are a number of ways to you can do this such as free software or paid software. Using what is best for you and your budget is wise. While some Social Media includes measurement tools such as Facebook’s insights, being able to compile and contrast against competitors is appealing in some of the other software.
  6. Social doesn’t have to be Just online
    Include members of staff outside of the Social Media team. The best way you can engage all of your staff and have a group sense of engagement in you online brand is to open the floor to all staff to offer content and sources. This can be through meetings, opening up a Google Doc for staff or even as simple as a suggestion box.

Lastly the most obvious thing you can do is spread the word about your online Social Media presence. This can be done by adding tiles to websites, adding in links to your email signatures and if your budget allows buying up sponsorship space on Facebook.

I think Shkolnik has brought some great ideas to the table. I disagree with step one being define an end goal only because this step should be completed before you have established an online presence. If you are yet yo have an online presence this article might be the next step you should be considering.  Over all I think this article is a great way to get your staff and workplace all engaged in your Social Media adventure.


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